Just a quick update on blog structure, update schedule, etc.

I’ve created several new tabs at the top. These include one dealing with the update schedule and another with a few disclaimers. I wrote them, which means they’re exciting and worth reading!

Some highlights from the schedule:

My goal is to update three times a week, with the potential for more updates if I find something really exciting or time sensitive.

Expect updates roughly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The disclaimers include some important points, such as:

  • I am an individual without a medical degree….
  • I use the word “challenges” on purpose, because I don’t see my physical ability level as something that should define who I am….
  • I’m not saying that disability is something you can “think yourself out of” if you just “work hard enough”….
  • Health care issues require institutional change….
  • I don’t speak for the entire disabled community

There’s more stuff, but you should really just check out the pages. And if you haven’t yet, the introduction is definitely worth reading.