So lots of people talk about having “blog carnivals,” where you link to great writing from other peoples’ blogs. I thought I’d give it a shot! Who knows, maybe this will turn into a monthly thing. Or maybe not.

(Just FYI: not all of these blog posts are from this month. But I found them this February!)

The Comment from Hell: On Health and Ideologies of Health is a great article/commentary on the way perceptions of health and disability have become issues of “personal responsibility.” The author makes some good points about the institutional aspects of health care issues.

Cripchick posted about the balancing act between living/working as a fast-paced disability activist versus listening to what her body is able to do. You should really check out her entire blog, really – she has some great stuff about disability activism, community, multiple identities, and oppression/liberation.

Abnormal Diversity has some great insights about what constitutes disability prejudice. “The root of disability discrimination is treating disability like it’s a big deal.”

I guess a common theme with these articles is a focus on what dis/ability means: activism, diversity, prejudice, and the de-institutionalization of disability discrimination.