Drum circles are amazing. My first drum teacher told me that, “In drumming, there are no mistakes – only solos.” When the rhythm gets going, there’s this ephemeral beat coursing through your body. You stop thinking, because if you think too much you miss the beat. So you just let your hands and your body go, and barriers between you and the universe break down.

I’ve been meaning to go to more drum circles like this one. I’m a bit shy, because I’m out of practice at the moment. My soul needs the music, so I’ll have to get in shape.

I have a djembe, a West African hand drum. It can be challenging to use, because it involves balancing the drum between my thighs. And then of course there’s the way my hands get sore sometimes. If I’m in practice, though, drumming is a great escape. It’s helped rebuild some strength in my hands, and it’s a good core strength workout.

When I’m conscious about how my body is doing, when I am aware of where the line between “stretching comfort zone” and “doing too much,” and then I let my thinking mind drift away…it’s sublime.