As promised, here are some photos from camping. (Real update coming Monday!)

View of the tent

We have a Mountain Hardware Light wedge 3, which is…light. And rather small, but perfectly acceptable for our needs. Although it would be nice if we could stand up in it…The site was perfect – pine needles are comfy to sleep on, and as it’s the off season it was very quiet. We also (accidentally) ended up getting one of the larger sites, which was wonderful.

View from the tent

This is a view from behind the tent – we positioned it so that at night we could look out from our tent “window” and see the stars. There are so many once you get away from a city!

Campsite at Dawn

When we woke up! It was gorgeous, even though it was a little disconcerting to be roaming about that early.


Aside from testing the camping equipment, this was the whole point of our trip. It was too cold to swim – brrr, Atlantic in April – but walking alongside it was very relaxing.