Sorry for the missed updates last week. As an explanation, I offer you a sample of last week’s schedule:

Monday: AM medical appointment, lunch, PM medical appointment

Tuesday: Breathe a sigh of relief because I don’t have any appointments. Make a few calls to schedule things.

Wednesday: Acupuncture.

Thursday: Spend an hour on the phone figuring out health bureaucracy, have a semi-panic attack, and get documentation in order. Call doctor at 9 pm to get advice on dealing with anxiety.

Friday: AM medical appointment, spend several hours sleeping everything off. Apply ice pack to foot every few hours.

Saturday: Go to a wedding.

As you can see, it was kind of a never-ending saga of appointments and phone calls. Not to mention an emotional crisis of sorts over what it means to have a “disability,” and feeling like I was going to spend my life going from one appointment to the next. Just as a reassurance – things are looking up now.

Updates may be slightly scattered for awhile, as I have a lot of appointments to go to. Blech.