They say that having a routine really helps with your sleep cycle. I can attest to that, as recently I’ve had more motivation to get up in the mornings.

My folks are out of town, and so my dog is sleeping with me at the moment. While he’s pretty good about not doing a 6 am wake up call, he does want his breakfast in the morning. When I start to move to hit the snooze button, I hear a thump-thump-thump of his tail wagging, and he looks at me hopefully. I’m definitely motivated to make sure he gets to go outside and relieve himself in the morning, instead of getting desperate and making use of the floor.

I’m also helping to look after the garden. Huge gardens and summer heat means lots of watering. It’s best to water in the morning, so (A) the water doesn’t immediately evaporate in the afternoon bake, and (B) unlike in the evening, the leaves have a chance to dry off, which helps prevent disease. Lugging a hose around is heavy work, and I also do not want to do it in the afternoon sauna. (Seriously, this is our 11th day with temperatuers above 90 degrees F and horrible icky humidity.)

Anyway, having tasks in the morning has helped me move my out-of-bed time from 10:30 to 8:30.

Now I just have to come up with good motivation for when my folks come back.