Words can be so easily misinterpreted. I thought I’d add a few clarifications and disclaimers about what I am saying and what I’m definitely not saying.

  • I am an individual without a medical degree. Make sure you check with your doctor before making huge changes to your medical regime.
  • People refer to their medical conditions in different ways. Some people reclaim words like “crippled,” others abhor them. Many people use the word disability for activist purposes, or because they have to in order to receive disability benefits. I tend to bounce between “disability” and “physical challenges.” I use the word “challenges” on purpose, because I don’t see my physical ability level as something that should define who I am. If I believe I cannot do something, then I definitely won’t be able to do it.
  • I’m not saying that disability is something you can “think yourself out of” if you just “work hard enough.” However, I do think that disability is a fluid state. There are coping methods you can engage in that help improve your quality of life.
  • Health care issues require institutional change. I have the privilege of being able to afford my medications, of being able to choose my medical practitioner, of having health insurance in the first place. Without my physical therapist, for example, my health would definitely suffer.  All people in the United States (and in the world) need access to affordable and quality health care.
  • My experiences are just that – my experiences. I don’t speak for the entire disabled community, or all people with fibromyalgia, or your cousin who has chronic back pain. I hope you find useful information here, and I also hope you respect the unique experiences of those around you. Try not to assume that you know something about another person’s life without asking them first.
  • Disability/physical challenges are multi-faceted identities. I share some experiences with someone who uses a wheelchair, but we also have distinct experiences as well.
  • Disability is only one identity that is typically disadvantaged/oppressed in this country. I try to remain cognizant of other “-isms,” like racism, classism, homophobia, and gender discrimination. I will probably make mistakes periodically, as we all do. Try to understand, and I’ll try to fix them.

As stated throughout my blog, my main focus is on empowering myself (and hopefully others) to make positive changes in their life.

Let me know if you have any questions!

This page may be updated periodically as my views change or I get more feedback.